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7 Best DIY Hacks to Disinfect Your Homes 

Disinfecting your home is not an easy thing to do these days. Especially when there is a pandemic all around, the disinfection of your house is essential. If you ignore it, you can land yourself as well as your family in trouble. Also, you cannot trust the professional services these days, because it is too risky to get someone in your house. Cleansing your home will help you to contain the spread of the germs and the bacteria. It will also help you to contain diseases if someone is sick in your house. So, you must try these 7 best DIY hacks to disinfect your homes.


10 Best Nintendo Switch Games to Play 

If you have not already heard, the Nintendo Switch has been the talk of the town as of late, as more people find themselves indulging in games while staying home during Covid-19. Even as Singapore transitions into Phase 2, there is no better time than now to get your hands dirty. What better way to reconnect with friends then with a game of Nintendo Switch? Here are our top picks of the 10 best Nintendo Switch games to play:

Food & Beverages

7 Best Non-Dairy Milk to Try in Singapore 

Have you ever had stomach cramps or feel bloated after drinking milk products like your kopi shop coffee, teh, or MILO? You might just be slightly lactose intolerant! While some might just have minor discomfort, there are those who might encounter nausea or diarrhea according to However, for many of us, like me, who loves milk whether it’s in my food or in my drinks (iced lattes once a day please!), it is difficult to give milk up even if I do have a minor allergy to it. Thus, we suggest checking out our list of the best 7 non-dairy milk you can try in Singapore.


7 Best Credit Card Deals to Look Out For in June 2020 

Do you prefer a credit card when paying instead of cash? If so, you should get your hands on the best credit cards in Singapore for quicker and seamless cashless transactions! Since there are countless banks in Singapore offering credit cards with different perks and benefits, it can be a bit hard to know which credit card matches your lifestyle. Do not worry because the expert is here to provide you with a list of the best credit card deals in Singapore for all types of purchases.


Best 10 Great Singapore Sales to Watch Out For: Grab Those Deals! 

It is safe to say that Singaporeans love to shop. The many malls around the country are a testament to that. But you know what we love more; a good sale. That is why there are several sales throughout every year. At any point in time, you can find at least one. Of course, this is every shopper’s dream and we know it. As such, many shoppers spend a huge chunk of their time searching for the greatest deals. To reduce this time and make your life easier, we decided to review sales currently happening in Singapore. Here, you will find sales for toys, electronics, household items, beauty products, skincare products, and even health supplements. Check out our top picks for the 10 best Great Singapore Sales deals to watch out for!


Best 11 Singapore Online Women Clothing Shops of 2020 

As the internet takes over our lives in numerous ways, many retail stores have moved online to sell their merchandise. Offering customers the opportunity to buy everything they need from the comfort of their beds, e-commerce sites have fast gained popularity. People who love clothes have zealously boarded the e-commerce bandwagon as well. Online clothing shops have not only incorporated different prices and sizes but they also have colorful and detailed photos of the clothes they sell. What’s more? Well, there are so many online clothing shops to choose from. Which is best? We are glad you asked. These are our top picks of the best Singapore online clothing shops:


Best 10 Singapore Fitness Influencers to Follow 

Fitness and health are not just random acts of burning calories and starving yourself. Rather, it is a long-term journey that is full of ups and downs. Therefore, it is important for you to have people who can constantly guide and inspire you to push your limits as you transform yourself to be stronger. These are some of our best local Singapore fitness influencers that might be your next source of fitspiration!


Best 7 Facial Scrubs to Buy Online to Get Rid of City Grime in Singapore 

Tired of looking for a facial scrub that keeps its promises? Your search ends here, as we have prepared this list especially for you! Facial scrubs are integral because they exfoliate dead skin cells, and lead to vibrant, radiant skin. However, we may have slacked off a little considering most of us were on ‘work from home’ arrangements. Phase 2 is going into full swing on 19th June 2020. So, this means some of us need to go back to our workplaces. As a result, fighting pollution and city grime when stepping out is inevitable. However, you can’t win this battle alone and would require help from the special forces. Cue in: the best facial scrubs you can buy online in Singapore.


7 Best Body Scrubs in Singapore for Exfoliating Your Skin 

At this point, “exfoliators” and “scrubs” have become a mainstay in beauty and skincare regiment. Proper exfoliation is a must to get rid of dead skin cells and ensure deep cleansing. So, what is stopping you from incorporating body scrubs into your beauty routine? If you have sensitive skin or other skin conditions such as eczema, this post is definitely for you! Keep reading our list of the 7 best body scrubs in Singapore to exfoliate *cough cough* your skin woes away…