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Category: Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

10 Best Pressure Cookers in Singapore to buy online (2020) 

With our hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, we rarely have the time and energy to cook after a long day of study or work. With pressure cookers, you’ll be able to cut short your cooking time to an average of just 30 minutes. Furthermore, they allow for a fully hands-off cooking process, giving you that coveted rest and relaxation time that you deserve. Interested and want to find out which pressure cooker on the market is best for you? Our list of the 10 best pressure cookers in Singapore that you can buy online is here to guide you.

Food & Beverages

Top 5 Wine Fridges to Buy to Chill your Wine 

You must be searching for an excellent option to enjoy wines every evening. But how to keep them safe and chilled? Your wine collection needs quality protection, and the home refrigerator does not suffice. Thus, it would be best if you have a wine fridge at home to keep your wine chilled. For your assistance, we have listed the top 5 wine fridges to keep your wine collection safe and secure.

Best Instant Coffees Singapore
Food & Beverages

12 Best Instant Coffees in Singapore to meet your Caffeine Needs 

For Singaporeans, good and instant coffee preparation is the most loved activity. Preparing an instant coffee is essential for them to save their time and have the same taste as that of brewing a complete coffee cup. Many even had a bad experience in preparing instant coffee for the first time. For them, instant coffee might not be a choice. But in all one thing must be very clear that you should try them for one more time as these will save your time.

instant pot Singapore
Food & Beverages

10 Reasons Why You Should Get an Instant Pot in Singapore 

The term Instant Pot has become synonymous with simplicity and convenience in the modern kitchen. With an ever-growing community of 2.7 million followers on Facebook and an average of 4.6 stars (73,013 ratings) for its most popular product on Amazon, Instant Pot has attracted much attention in Singapore and globally over the last few years. Here are 10 reasons why you should get an Instant Pot in Singapore.