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Category: Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Best 7 Protein Powders in Singapore to Gain Muscle 

It has been crucial to add supplements to provide good strength to the body with stressful life. It is especially essential in the fitness cycle. Thus here we introduce our top-rated seven best protein powders that you must include in your diet. These are the supplements that are important to introduce in your diet as you perform a lot of body workout. Our body needs proper nutritional care that these protein powders can help you gain very quickly. Here below, we have listed the essential seven protein powders available in Singapore.

Food & Beverages

7 Best Probiotics in Singapore for Better Digestive Health in 2020 

To have best-added health benefits to your life, just add probiotics to your diet. Probiotics are supplementary food items for better gut health and also for lowering your blood pressure. Other added benefits of probiotics are lowering cholesterol levels and consuming probiotics is often cited as one of the best weight loss techniques. However, the question arises which supplement is the best one? Don’t worry; we are here with the 7 best probiotics available in Singapore to help you better your digestive health.

Food & Beverages

Best 7 Thai Food Delivery in Singapore 

There is something truly sensational and delectable about the taste of Thai food that seems to linger in your taste buds even after finishing your meal. Thai food is definitely one of my absolute favourite cuisine. Thus, I have enlisted some of the best outlets for Thai food delivery in Singapore for your next order.

Food & Beverages

Best 7 Laksa Delivery in Singapore 

Laksa is one of the most famous and loved traditional local food in Singapore. However, with social distancing becoming the new norm, more and more Laksa restaurants are now offering delivery services. To help you satisfy your Laksa cravings, here is our pick for the best 7 Laksa Delivery in Singapore. Happy eating!

Food & Beverages

10 Common Baking Mistakes to Avoid 

If you are baking for the first time and are not familiar with tips and tricks for baking, chances are you are messing up a lot. We have enlisted some common mistakes to avoid so that the baking never stops and is done right.

Food & Beverages

PHASE 2: 7 Restaurants that are accepting Dine-in Reservations 

Singapore is entering phase 2 of reopening from June 18, 11.59 pm. This means great news for foodies all across the island – dining in at F&B outlets will now be permitted! I’m incredibly excited and counting down the days till this weekend to hit up my favourite local spots. However, I would be lying if I said that all sense of paranoia has escaped me. After all, despite easing of lockdown, we should not grow complacent in an uncertain Covid-19 world. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to list out the 7 best restaurants that are accepting reservations for dine-in. This will allow you to still head out and enjoy dining out again this weekend, but not have to worry about snaking long queues. Enjoy great food while still maintaining social distancing with the 7 restaurants listed below.

Food & Beverages

7 Best Halal Buffets in Singapore 

Nothing is more wonderful than being out in public and exploring our amazing local food places. A buffet is a perfect reward for our tummy for surviving this depressing Circuit Breaker. Thus, take out your stretchiest outfits and pick one of the options in our list of the best Halal buffets in Singapore.

alcohol delivery Singapore
Food & Beverages

Best 5 Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore 

Keep a stock of your favourite spirits, wines, and beers to enjoy at home without moving outside. There are many alcohol bars in Singapore, but the comfort you get by drinking at home is something very significant to have a sip taste. You can keep this stock for different occasions. For a moment, you have arranged a party, but then suddenly, you have to run to buy Alcohol in the middle. How will you feel for it? Rather than moving out, you can purchase Alcohol online rather than to rush in the mid-way. It’s time to order Alcohol now from various Alcohol services available in Singapore.

Food & Beverages

10 Best Multivitamins to Buy in Singapore 

These are our top picks for the 10 best hamper deliveries in Singapore that are sure to set you out of the crowd. While flowers and snacks are wonderful gifts to your loved one, these options offer them even more. Show your love in multifaceted ways. Here are our best choices.