Pies are one of the delicious food you can enjoy in Singapore with varieties, below the best 5 pie delivery services that deliver fast with high Quality:

1. Shepherdspie.sg

pie delivery services

If you’re not a meat lover, you’ll definitely love their Veggie Lovers pie! Enjoy this rich cauliflower and tomato-based pie specially created for our vegetarian friends. If you haven’t tried it before, perhaps it’s time. Know a vegetarian friend and would like to surprise them during this circuit breaker? Don’t forget! Our free delivery promotion is still running! Stay home and stay safe everyone one of the best places for delivery pie with a lot of varieties, they are located 5 Gullimard Rd, Singapore 399685, they have free delivery for orders above 70S$

Customer feedback:

So yummy! I love it so much. Ordered several times already and each time came hot fresh. Not sure how they do it but it seems like they came freshly out of the oven and delivered straight to my home. Highly Affordable. Joel Neo / Customer

2. The Gourmet Pie Company

pie delivery services

Freshly made pies are the best! As well as the delivered ones the place grantee delivers warm and fresh pies as you have it at the place. Prices are Reasonable their pies are

Customer feedback:

Freshly made pies are the best! The best! Always thought delivery food will not be as nice as eating it at the place itself but I was wrong. It came warm and fresh. Ate 3 snack size pies at one go for lunch. Reasonably priced too! Highly recommended if you like pies!

3. Violet Oon

pie delivery services

A famous group of restaurants with branches all over Singapore is Violet Oon. Famous for its gourmet Nyonya and Singaporean cuisines, this restaurant also serves signature dishes from all over Asia. All of their branches have a unique style and ambiance that would make dining a really enjoyable experience.

Their VO’s shepherd’s pie features braised minced beef that is topped with rich mashed potatoes would never fail to satisfy anyone’s craving. Priced at $24, their famous shepherd’s pie is part of their lunch and dinner menu, and comes with a flavorful side of their famed house salad. Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn Phone: 65 9834 9935Website: https:// violetoon.com/customer feedback: Catherine Oh

Good Peranakan food and requires reservations. The queue is on average 20 min without reservations.

Food was alright. Serving sizes are small. Great ambience… Nice place to do a group hang out

4. The English House

pie delivery services

Opened in 2018, this hotel and restaurant started by world-renowned chef Marco-Pierre White serves English classic dishes like spit-roast chicken, egg custard tart, and strawberries and cream. Since shepherd’s pies originate in England, it is only natural that they have the famous shepherd’s pie included in their menu.

Filled with generous amounts of ground lamb and carrots, this version of shepherd’s pie is topped with creamy golden mash potato. For shepherd’s pie enthusiasts, heading over to this restaurant and enjoying a rich serving of the classic pie in a colonial English ambiance is really something that you would love to experience! Address: 28 Mohamed Sultan Road Phone: 6545 4055

Website: www.theenglishhouse.com

Customer feedback:

Really like the atmosphere here. Can spend the whole day here and the service is really casual and friendly.

The food was a hit & miss. Understand that most of it was dishes in their original way but I believe a little more educating is needed for the everyday person as the food is not for everybody. I accept that it’s the concept of the place but I feel the food needs a slight tweak for today’s market.

For example, the apple dessert. I just felt it was overly runny and had a microwaved feel to it. Same for the crème caramel. Super runny and just not my cup of tea. Didn’t taste bad, but would have liked the dish somehow described or explained better to align expectations with the name of the dishes. The coffee was a letdown for me.

I didn’t think the egg starter was special at all and was a little hard to eat. The foie starter tasted good and had great balance. Although they could have served it with more bread. Loved the Duck Orange and the mash to go with it was amazing.

5. Windowsill-pies

pie delivery services

Assorted pie ($70) this dessert pie specialty store is famous for its Morello cherry pie, made with hand cooked sour cherry jam that’s stuffed in a buttery crust. Other popular, tongue-tingling options include the lemon curd tart with strawberry jelly, pineapple passionfruit topped with yoghurt curds, and the boozy coconut lime with bits of vodka jelly. Can’t decide? Get the assorted pie which comes with a sampling of its popular flavor they are located at Windowsill Pies, 17 Haji Ln, Singapore 189210

Customer feedback:

Love their pies. Lovely choice of flavor and taste excellent.

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