We all want to look and feel beautiful. Today, we have the technology to help us work on our DIY regimens for our bodies at home. But with our usually busy life, even preparing our beauty skincare rituals can be stressful. Nevertheless thankfully, we have aesthetic clinics that provide hassle-free services to help us look revitalized. Hence, don’t you think it’s time to pay a visit? We have listed the best 10 aesthetic clinics in Singapore just for you.

1. EstheClinic

This French beauty clinic specializes in non-invasive and painless aesthetic treatments. With over 20 years of medical and technological expertise, Estheclinic is a multi-awarded company that promises immediate and lasting results.

Additionally, they have 4 locations in Asia, and three are located in Singapore.

Overall, hands down deserving to top our list of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Address: 72 Tras St. Singapore 079011

📞 62214797

2. Dr. D Aesthetics Medical Clinic

As their tagline says, “Bringing Back the Basics Yet More Defined and Aesthetically Pleasant,” founder Dr. David Ng Weng Keen focuses on aging beautifully, in the most natural form. Though he is a well-experienced surgeon, he helps his patients look beautiful and feel it from within.

Address: 541 Orchard Rd, #20-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881

📞 63334401

3. Only Aesthetics

Founded in 2005, the Only Aesthetics clinic banks on their superb and advanced medical technology that produces excellent results.

Most importantly, this clinic is dedicated to giving their clients value for their money to improve the standards of their clinic and not to be compared with beauty salons and slimming centers.

On the whole, an amazing clinic and truly one of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave. #05-03 Singapore Shopping Center 239924

📞 63384434

4. Lloyds Medical Group

The Lloyds Medical Group defines its aesthetic services as “inviXible.” This term pertains to the art of combining experienced and talented medical professionals with technological aesthetic advancements that are currently available. Above all, this clinic boasts on leveraging technology to provide skin solutions to its clients.

Address: 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria #19-04 Singapore 238877

📞 69964999

5. TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Center

Helmed by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, this center specializes in dermatological care, whether medical, surgical, or cosmetic. To achieve excellent results, the clinic uses state-of-the-art devices and technology for treating hair, skin, and nail disorders for both adults and children.

Address: 101, #17-07 Irrawaddy Rd, Royal Square at Novena Singapore 329565

📞 63550522

6. Cove Aesthetic Clinic

This boutique medical and laser aesthetic clinic uses Korean technology along with certified FDA approved machines to render personal and specifically tailored services to its clients. Above all, they focus on delivering solutions to unlock their clients’ true beauty and holistic wellness.

Address: 501 Orchard Road #04-07 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

📞 67346531

7. IYAC Aesthetic Clinic

This clinic offers a wide variety of non-invasive and zero downtime treatments. Moreover, they are focused on providing safe and popular aesthetic procedures to clients from all walks of life. Since 2005, they have aimed to work to pamper their patients and make them feel at home at every visit.

Address: One Orchard Blvd. #06-03/04 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649

📞 67389989

8. 1 Aesthetic Clinic

Its founder, Dr. Wan Chee Kwang, believes that having an attractive physical appearance should be accessible to all, not just a privileged few. Thus, this premium boutique medical aesthetic clinic is designed to provide a cozy and relaxing environment. They also have general practitioner services made available since they are registered under the CHAS and SFL schemes. Overall, truly one of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Address: #14-90 The Central Tower 1 8 Eu Tong Sen St Singapore 059818

📞 84899962

9. One Face Skin and Aesthetic Clinic

Specializing in skin problems, Dr. David Ng Cheow Hua founded this boutique. They are focused on giving holistic medical aesthetic services for common skin problems, which are cosmetic concerns. Moreover, the clinic, which was founded in 2016, believes that professional treatments provide safe and effective results.

Address: 1 Tras Link, #02-01 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

📞 62222262

10. Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

This clinic has a comprehensive range of aesthetic services and products to help their clients look their best. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest technology to offer treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime for customers.

Above all, its founder is dedicated to delivering natural-looking results and has created his own formulated products to address his clients’ needs.

Address: #02- 12/13 Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 Singapore 486038

📞 69042218

To experience excellent pampering services, visit any of these clinics to give yourself the break you deserve. Happy my time!