Renovation is more than just redesigning a building’s structure. It is actually an opportunity for us to redefine our relationship to society, our loved ones, and most importantly ourselves. However, we understand how complicated the process can get. This includes finding the right budget, the most creative design, a qualified team that you can depend on and the list goes on and on and on… However, one thing’s for sure – you cannot embark on this journey alone. We want to help you! Therefore, these are our best 10 picks of renovation contracting companies in Singapore to help you have the best renovation experience.  

1. Qanvast

Human Resource Executive at Qanvast Pte Ltd

Qanvast is certainly passionate about offering professional guidance to various clients in their process of renovating their homes. They’re definitely deserving of topping our list of best renovation contracting companies in Singapore!

Quality recommendations: Qanvast Trust Programme helped over 25,000 house owners to find the best interior design firms that can address their household expectations and needs. Simply head down to their website to indicate your priority, preferred style, budget, and they will do their magic!

Variety in choices: Moreover, this trusted platform will pamper you with a wide variety of creative designs and packages that will exceed your expectations.

Transparent, affordable service: Worried about credibility? Qanvast got that covered. In fact, they are pretty transparent about previous homeowners’ feedbacks that uses their service. And here’s another great news. These services of free of charge! In fact, they will reduce your struggle of choosing the best interior designers by adding discounts.

2. Reno Pro

The 12 Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore [2020]

🗝️ Affordable: Renovation does not have to be costly. If you value quality and low-cost, this is perfect for you. With trained professionals at your disposal, they will make your renovation process a smooth-sailing one.

🗝️ Convenient and efficient: Simply state your preference, style and budget. This leading renovation platform will make it happen. Many customers are also in love with their affordable high-quality services.

🗝️ Strong control over the project: Personally, I appreciate that the team will always keep you updated at every step of the way. From the very first consultation to the actual renovation, you can rest assured that your voice remains the loudest. After all, you are their Reno Pro’s greatest asset. Your wish is their command.

3. 3D Innovations

3D Innovations Design - renovation contractor for HDB flats and ...

3D Innovations is one of the most trusted contractors in this business.

Best bargains: Profit is not a priority for 3D Innovations. Rather, their team of competent architects, contractors and designers want to offer you the most reasonable price and packages that suit your budget and preference. After all, your comfort matters the most to them. And this will never compromise the quality of work that they bring to build your dream home.

Time efficiency: More importantly, your time is precious for them. Another reason why 3D Innovation is amazing in what they do would be their punctuality to deadlines. Even in the unlikely events of delays, they will surely keep you notified.

4. Chuan Fong

The 12 Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore [2020]

Established in 1989, Chua Fong is an expert in industrial and commercial’s renovation and electrical work.

Excellent workmanship: Firstly, this company is famous for high-quality works and excellent services in their 30 years of service. In fact, their teams of professional are amazing at what they do and offer one of the most comprehensive packages that you will ever get in the market.

Affordable Pricing: Above all, operating as a direct renovation contractor, they won’t be charing middleman fees too. Similarly, there is no-obligation consultation for you to attend. Even if you demand one, it’s free of charge!

5. Childcare Renovation

How to Plan Interior Design for a Childcare Center | Singapore

As parents, we want the safest and best environment for our kids to grow in. Lucky for you, Childcare Renovation is here to save the day.

Ahead of the game: To clarify, the team here are well-equipped to offer premium children room renovation and interior design. Not only are they the finest and most competent in this business, but they are also well-trained in understanding children’s cognitive developmental needs. Likewise, most of their designs are strategically done to promote children’s motor and social skills. How cool is that! Now, your child will finally have the best place to learn effectively, in the coolest room ever.  

Punctuality: Time is money. The team here is exceptionally efficient in their tasks and has a stellar record in completing their projects promptly.

6. Om Décor Pte Ltd

Om Decor Pte Ltd | LinkedIn

Om Décor can turn your design dreams into a reality.

Specialising in retail & F&B renovation: The professional team is made up of the very best. Using high-quality materials and the most on-trend designs, this company has consistently delivered excellent workmanship for customers.

Strong partnership:  Secondly, Om Décor also highly values their clients’ ideas in their work. In other words, you are as good as their partner who has the power to control and coordinate what you demand to see. Most importantly, they are more than happy to guide and empower you with insights so that you can make the most informed decisions.

7. JS Carpentry and Contracts

JS Carpentry & Contracts - Singapore's favorite direct renovation ...

Quality work: With 60 years of experience, they are indeed one of the most established contractors in this industry. They are even recognised by the Housing Development Board (HDB) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for their excellence. Truly one of the best renovation contracting companies in Singapore!

Affordable rate: Meanwhile, do you know that there are no middle-man fees? This is perfect for cost savings. They are certainly super flexible and attentive to customers’ demands. After all, your comfort is their priority.

Eco-friendly: Above all, if you are someone who supports environmentally friendly actions, this organisation will work perfectly for you. In fact, they have consistently pledged to only use environmentally friendly materials that would not harm Earth.

8. Thomson Renovation

The 12 Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore [2020]

Do not underestimate the next contractor on our list.

A high rate of success: Despite having only 10 years of experience in this industry, the company has successfully executed more than 500 renovation projects to date. This HDB-registered contractor is also one of the most trusted names in handling residential and commercial spaces.

Budget Planning:  Another good reason for partnering with them would be the fact that they highly value your well-being. Coupled with their non-obligatory consultation policy, they will discuss with you in details about your expenses. to prevent overspending.

Most importantly, they will strive to incorporate your ideas into their works too.

9. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

The 12 Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore [2020]

Variety of services:

This direct-renovation contractor provides excellent customer services including:

  • kitchen and bathroom renovation
  • waterproofing,
  • plumbing,
  • painting

Customised plan: Be it a condominium or HDB apartment, they will handle it well. Their team of professional tilers, carpenters and designers promise nothing but the best. Coupled with a full suite of consultation services, you will be amazed by your personalised renovation plan.

Competitive Rate: Besides their non-obligation consultation policy, you don’t have to spend another penny on middleman fees! Similarly, most of their operations are performed in-house, they are committed to helping you have cost-savings throughout the process. These are easily the reasons that make customers keep coming back for their help.

10. Unimax Creative

Best Home Interior Design Singapore | Unimax Creative

Outstanding service: Launched in 1997, this award-winning renovation firm is certainly an expert of residential and commercial spaces, and a perfect company to round off our list of best renovation contracting companies in Singapore!

High credibility: Additionally, their team will customise the best solutions for your concerns during the renovation. In fact, their reliability is clearly proven by their 4.5 ratings on Google and 4.1 ratings on Facebook. Similarly, they have also won the Singapore Prestige Brand Award and Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in Asia-Pacific.

Huge cost-savings: Likewise, they will guarantee you a 12-months workmanship warranty on all home-renovation works.

Free Exhibition: Still sceptical? You can always check out their free showroom. This is where you can explore their amazing designs and package samples. And don’t worry about paying for the consultation. It’s on the house!

We hope that this article has been helpful for you to sieve out the best renovation contractors in Singapore that best suits your needs and profile.

Do spread the love and stay safe!