Importance of Flowers on Special Occasions

Life is all about having beautiful experiences. Each day, we try to make a memory worth remembering with our loved ones. On certain occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, it becomes our social responsibility to surprise them with a beautiful gift. A bunch of flowers is the best present one can give to his relatives, parents, and siblings on special days. Even during hard times, it can help us in expressing condolences to our loved ones. But quite often, we don’t have enough time to visit our local florist to buy a flower bouquet. 

In those critical times, when your loved ones are waiting for your present, you understand the importance of having a fast flower delivery service. You will agree with me when I will say that choosing the best delivery service is one of the hard choices that one has to make. Of course, you can’t take the risk of getting late delivery which can affect your reputation, and that present will be of no use. Another aspect to consider is the availability of fresh flowers on special occasions. By taking the unfair advantage, the flower delivery services can charge you way more than the regular fee, and all you get is a pack of rotten flowers.

That’s where our efforts come into play. We have done our part to research and test various flower delivery services to choose the cheapest and fastest one for you. With these top 7 fast delivery system, you will get your delivery either on the same day or will take one day at maximum.

Top 7 Fast and Affordable Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

1. Floral Garage Singapore

Salient Features & Services:
👍 Free Delivery
👍 Graduation Special Box
👍 Discount Offers
Rates: $40 – $338
Contact:+65 6282 2813
Website: Flower Garage Singapore

With Flower Garage, you can get the flower arrangement in a jar, purse, or freestyle. If you buy bouquet quite often, you should register for their Corporate Account where you can get 11% discount on your future orders, and you can contact the manager directly to place a quick order.

The price for flower arrangements is $40 with an upper limit of $338. You only need to order one day before the day you want your delivery to reach your doorstep. It is highly recommended to give them a call to check whether they offer delivery in your area.

2. Windflower Florist

Salient Features & Services:
👍 Few delivery limitations
👍 Pre-booking required Customer
👍 Saturation
Rates: $33 – $480
Contact: +65 9785 2570
Website: WindflowerFlorist

Windflower Florist stands first in the list of best flower delivery services in Singapore. They have a variety of flowers to choose from with a cost range of 33$ to nearly 480$. Delivery time is very fast, and you can get your order within one day. One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t operate on Sunday.

The best service is always occupied by people. So is the case with Windflower Florist. Most of the time, delivery slots are full for the next day, so you should select the slot at least one or two days before.  Although their delivery is free of cost, there are few locations where they don’t deliver. You can check the delivery details here.

3. Happy Bunch

fast flower delivery

Salient Features & Services:
👍 Easy Order
👍 Reminders
👍 Free Delivery
Rates: >$100
Contact: +65 9785 2570
Website: HappyBunch

Happy Bunch has built trust among its customers. Their easy to order process is what gives them an edge over their competitors. You can even go on their website to save some special dates, and they will remind you about the upcoming saved days a few days before via email or notification. This feature isn’t present on other services’ websites.

The price range of their flowers is below 100$ with free delivery.

4. Poppy Flora

Salient Features & Services:
👍 Special Bookings
👍 Free Delivery
👍 Multiple Categories
Rates: $89 – $3000
Contact: [email protected]
Website: Poppy Flora

Poppy Flora is the leading brand for delivering wedding presents and anniversary gifts. Additionally, you can buy beautiful flower paintings from them on Mother’s Day.

Their service is a bit expensive as compared to rest in the list with price range starting from $89 to as high as $3000. However, the quality and freshness of their presents are far better than others.

5. Flower Chimp

Flower Delivery Services: The Best Ones for Mother's Day Bouquets ...
fast flower delivery

Salient Features & Services:
👍 Multi-Purpose Bouquets
👍 One-day Delivery
👍 Free Delivery
Rates: $34.9-$150
Contact: +65 3158 2120
Website: FlowerChimp

With Flower Chimp, you can get high-quality bouquets at a low price. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, or any wedding event, their floral arrangements will be a surprise for your loved ones.

They provide free delivery throughout Singapore. If you manage to place the order before 1 PM, you will get the delivery on the same day. The price range starts from $34.90 and can go to above $150 for particular arrangements of flowers. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and occasion

6. The Enchanted Tree

flower bouquet singapore | Working With Grace
fast flower delivery

Salient Features & Services:
Cheaper Rates
One-day Delivery
Surprise Pick
Rates: $30 – $100
Contact:+65 6588 2088
Website: The Enchanted Tree

If you are looking for cheap flower delivery, The Enchanted Tree should be your choice. In just $30, you can get a surprise pick with free delivery. The most expensive flower pack provided by them is under $100.

Although one can get cheap and quick delivery with them, you won’t find many varieties with this delivery system.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can get the one-day delivery only if you place the order before midnight. They offer delivery services throughout Singapore except for these areas.

7. Far East Flora

fast flower delivery

Salient Features & Services:
👍 One Day Delivery
👍 Free Delivery
👍 Events and Décor Arrangements
Rates: $30 – $380
Contact: +65 6251 2323
Website: Far East Flora

A local florist that provides the same delivery with over 1000 different gift options to choose from. Their stunning floral arrangements can inject life to any occasion. They offer delivery services seven days a week and throughout Singapore with no limitation of locations. 

In addition, they deliver their presents worldwide as well. Hence, if your loved ones are living in another corner of the world, you can still send your gift to them using their service. The price of their presents ranges from as low as $38 to as high as $240. Their delivery is free, and you will get the delivery on the same day. For same-day delivery, you can check the necessary conditions on their website.

All of the selected services offer one-day delivery but still, we advise you to have a margin of one day to avoid any late delivery. Out of all delivery services, you can select the one that best matches your budget and requirement.

Written by: Awais Sid