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Being stuck at home gets frustrating sometimes. You know what makes it better? Snacks. Thus, without further ado, here’s the 7 Best Online Snack Subscriptions in Singapore.

1. New trend is health: TangyTangerineSG

stay home essential box
Image Credit: tangerine (here)


  • Get your 2+2 servings of fruit and veg everyday
  • Quality assured

Sometimes the vegetable aisle in NTUC can be rather confusing, not knowing what to cook and how it’ll taste. Similar with fruits, we might not know what is in season and what is not. Fret not! With TangyTangerineSG, you might just get a taste of the finest produce and best of all, it delivers right to your doorstep. If you’re intending to snack on something in between meals, fruits are nature’s option for you. This is definitely the healthiest and one of the best online snack subscriptions in Singapore hands down!

TangyTangerineSG’s monthly MYSTERY subscription box lets you get a taste of meticulously picked and sourced with care and integrity. Most of their produce hails from the US, Israel, Thailand, and Australia. If you’re interested, they offer a one week trial for you to try so contact them today at 9878 6678 or send a Facebook message here.

Click here to snack on TangyTangerineSG’s organic produce.

2. Chocoholics look no further with MYSTERY CHOCOLATE

Mystery Chocolate Box
Image Credit: Mystery Chocolate (here)
  • Decadent
  • A fun activity with your family
  • Allergen conscious -> feel free to contact them for details

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, it’s always an adventure to taste new flavours. With Mystery Chocolate, you get THREE full chocolate bars to guess what these international combinations. Figure out what you dislike, enjoy and LOVE with this subscription box. These chocolates are nothing but artisanal, hand-crafted and excellent.  

So if you’re finding something to look forward to this period, check out Mystery Chocolate’s subscription boxes here

Do take note that they also offer tons of superb permutations of flavours here

3. Be environmentally good with Box Green

Stay Home Nibbles Bundle
Image Credit: Box Green (here)
  • Perfect for Movie nights
  • Wide range of choices
  • Low-Calorie options available
  • Customisable

BoxGreen offers the epitome of snacks and all different varieties of them. With a wide range of variants available on the site, you can choose from Kids box (to snack with your little one), a Low Calorie box (if you’re trying to maintain your figure) and even a Merlion box (inspired by local flavours that are healthy as well). BoxGreen currently offers a Protein Packed Bundle for Father’s Day. Check out BoxGreen today as they are definitely one of the best online snack subscriptions in Singapore!

For more information, check them out here

4. BreadYard brings all the boys to their Yard with their pastry subscription boxes

Twice a Month Delivery @ $58/Month (U.P. $64/Month) For 2 Months
Image Credit: Bread Yard (here)
  • Pastries, nuff said
  • Locally baked

While some like to munch crisps for a snack, there are those who enjoy a good soft pastry. BreadYard caters to the taste of those individuals. They offer a subscription of sweet pastries as well as a Bread bundle for those who want a hardier loaf to add your own toppings on. And of course, they offer the best of both worlds in their mixed selection. 

From Sourdoughs to Shokupan to Cruffins to cookies, scrolling through their selection is sure to make you drool. Make sure to peruse their café section to see their Korean Style sandwiches and their hearty bowls to add on to your monthly order. Check them out here.

5. It’s Just Granola with The Edible Co

Triple Dark Chocolate Granola – The Edible Co
Image Credit: The Edible Co. (here)
  • Interesting flavours
  • Healthy

Did you know granola is a snack? As long as you can eat a small enough piece, it’s a snack. While The Edible Co has only one subscription service for now (Just their Granolas), every month you can always remind yourself to purchase one of their delicious bundles and no it’s not just granola.  At a minimal cost of $5.90, snack on some activated nuts or their wide range of paleo-friendly cookies! 

If you’re interested in crafting your own subscription, don’t be afraid to ask them for their services here at [email protected] Check them out here

6. I scream for Ice Cream with Pint Society

13 Best Subscription Boxes in Singapore
Image Credit: Pint Society (here)
  • Surprising and innovative flavours
  • Perfect Gift idea
  • If you’re looking for a flavour, you can even request it from them here

Ever heard of The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. ? Pint Society is a monthly subscription box from them giving you flavours like Bubble Milk Tea, Toasted Marshmallow, Chendol and many more. Each month, you get 2 flavours that you won’t easily find in your nearby supermarket so if you’re an enthusiast of frozen desserts, Pint Society is definitely crafted for you. 

To order, click this link. Their pre-orders end on the 15th of every month so if you’re interested, contact them here at +65 62824680 or email them at [email protected] 

7. Taste Trunk for all Gourmands out there

Image Credit: Taste Trunk (here)
  • Easy gifting
  • Innovative imports
  • Out of the box

Unlike the other subscription boxes offered here, TasteTrunk’s boxes are meant as gifts for your loved one. Whilst you have the basic option of a Sweet Subscription, TasteTrunk offers an interesting Gourmet and BBQ Subscription full of treats as well as treats one can make ourselves.

Check out TasteTrunk’s Gift Box Subscriptions here

BONUS: Snacks for humans? How about snacks for your furry ones? 

For CATS: MāoBox is here for you

Best monthly subscription boxes in Singapore | HoneyKids Asia
Image Credit: MāoBox (here)

Humans aren’t the only ones fond of snacks. Your furry baby sure loves it too. With pet stores closed for the moment, here’s a subscription box for your lovely feline packed with all sorts of treats and toys. Truly one of the best online snack subscriptions in Singapore for your furry ones!

Check out MaoBox here.

For DOGS: PerroBox is for doggies of all shapes and sizes

Perrobox: A Monthly Box Of Surprises For Your Dog | Perromart ...
Image Credit: Perrobox (here)

Of course there’s snack subscriptions for your dogs. Perrobox provides the treats for your dog fit for a king. 

Check out PerroBox here.

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Happy snacking everybody!

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Written by: Sarah Suprat